Lethal Injection and abolitionists

Death penalty opponents are making capital punishment more gruesome



juveniles justice

The tragic maddening failure of America's juvenile justice system  http://theweek.com/article/index/262851/the-tragic-maddening-failure-of-americas-juvenile-justice-system#


What civil asset forfeiture means

Fighting crime through superior steak


A truck in the dock
How the police can seize your stuff when you have not been proven guilty of anything


In most states the police can seize property they suspect has been used to commit a crime. Under "civil asset forfeiture" laws, they typically do not have to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that a crime was committed, or even charge anyone with an offence.


How America's police armed itself to the teeth

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarisation of America's Police Forces.

By Radley Balko. PublicAffairs; 382 pages; $27.99.


Big Brother Takes the T-Bird Away


The name of the case says a lot: State of New Jersey v. One 1990 Ford Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird was not available for comment.

PA Juvelies lwop

US Supreme Court won't hear case of Pa juveniles serving life
Philadelphia Inquirer 9 June 2014


Pennsylvania has more inmates convicted as juveniles for murder and sentenced to life without parole than any other place in the world.

Non-unanimous American Juries

Non-unanimous American Juries

A felony jury is typically an unanimous twelve persons panel1.
But in Oregon and Louisiana the verdict can be 10-22.
In Florida and Connecticut a felony jury is always a six unanimous persons board3-4.

Everywhere a first degree murder trial needs an unanimous twelve persons jury, but in Oregon a 11-1 verdict is still admitted5.

A capital jury is always a twelve jurors unanimous for the verdict, but sentence can be different6.

In Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia the sentence is province of the jury even in non-capital felonies7.

For misdemeanors a twelve unanimous jury is not common because it is usually a six persons jury, or 7 in Virginia, 8 in Utah, Arizona and Ohio, with some notable exception8.

In a civil case the twelve unanimous members juries can be found rarely (Alabama) because they normally vote 9-3 or 10-2 when they are not 9, 8 or 6 members: 7 in Virginia, California, Oregon, Texas and even 4 in Utah.

The size of grand juries is also shrinking. Federal grand juries are composed by 16 23 members but state grand juries can be of 6 persons in Indiana and 7 in Virginia, Oregon, Iowa, when in California the size changes according to the population of the county.

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  481. California chief justice urges reevaluating death penalty
  482. ID errors put hundreds in LA County jails
  483. Vaclav Havel’s human rights legacy an inspiration
  484. Innocence Network Report 2011
  485. Capital Punishment, 2010
  486. California Prisons Can’t Afford Costly Three Strikes Law
  487. VIPs got their own judicial E-ZPass in Traffic Court
  488. Charges against Morton formally dismissed
  489. Japan bar federation to establish panel for abolishing death penalty
  490. 1 in 3 American Youth Are Arrested By Age 23
  491. When Your Criminal Past Isn't Yours
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  494. Concealing of evidence highlighted in Texas wrongful conviction
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  501. Executions and New Death Sentences Continue to Decline in Texas
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  550. Children facing LWOP in the USA
  551. The Supreme Court's unlikely friend to criminals
  552. Exonerated, freed and facing a new life
  553. Death row inmates desire to die renews debate
  554. Fix the death penalty
  555. After closing psychiatric hospitals Michigan incarcerates mentally ill
  556. What Really Happened to Strauss Kahn?
  557. The Case of Juan Rivera
  558. Lost in detention
  559. Death and Harmless Error:
  560. Why Misdemeanors Matter:
  561. Immigrant Detainees: The New Sex Abuse Crisis
  562. False Confessions Confuse Forensics
  563. International community must act on Azerbaijan crackdown
  564. The Newest Magazine Fad:
  565. Man found not guilty in slaying of his pregnant girlfriend in 1981
  566. Jury Acquits Man in 1978 Murder of 5 Newark Boys
  567. Youths do time in adult facilities
  568. Lifers are growing part of prison population
  569. Driver who killed two women at bus stop gets 6 months in jail
  570. Defending the Brady rule
  571. Cruel and Unusual:
  572. Babies for Sale:
  573. War on Drugs racist:
  574. Oregon's process for picking judges under scrutiny
  576. Analysis finds many youths transferred
  577. Nearly half of St Petersburg and Tampa drivers caught by red light cameras don't get tickets
  578. Conn Crime Lab Faces Scrutiny Over Struggles
  579. 20 Years Later, Mandatory Minimum Sentences Are Still Mindlessly Draconian
  580. 'Incendiary: The Willingham Case'
  581. Japan
  582. More Than 4,800 Arrest related Deaths Reported from 2003 to 2009
  583. Mental health facility? The county jail
  584. Judge takes Cline to task
  585. Henry C. Lee: State Crime Lab Being 'Ripped Down'
  586. When DNA Evidence Suggests ‘Innocent,’ Some Prosecutors Cling to ‘Maybe’
  587. China’s Lawyers Under Siege
  588. Werner Herzog on Death Row
  589. Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008
  590. There is Another Way
  591. What's Messing with Texas Death Sentences?
  592. How to curb rogue prosecutors
  593. Harris death penalties show racial pattern
  594. Big Brother Wants to Track Your Car
  595. McLennan DA wants law changed to restrict postconviction DNA testing
  596. Controlling Crime How To Do More With Less
  597. Living with murder
  598. DA Connick left a dirty legacy
  599. Bar must act forcefully in pursuit of justice
  600. Inmates with mental illness neglected
  601. Mental Health Courts
  602. Despite title Supreme Court not always last word
  603. Battle Of The Johns Sealed Files Unsealed
  604. Brady’s Mandate
  605. Willingham inquiry ends, but effects linger
  606. Wrongful convictions among issues in DA race
  607. Dallas County judges give bail bondsmen financial breaks when clients disappear
  608. bail bondsmen
  609. The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
  610. Executing Those Who Do Not Kill
  611. At the Supreme Court Is GPS tracking of suspects too Orwellian?
  612. Wrongly jailed Harvey man released after almost 20 years
  613. Are Blood Alcohol Tests Credible?
  614. Fix breakdowns that let fugitives escape justice
  615. Three Trials for Murder
  616. Court considers delayed death penalty case
  617. Los Angeles County Jail Overcrowding Reduction Project: Final report
  618. Banking on Bondage: Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration
  619. Justice: Delayed, Dismissed, Denied
  620. UN says 3,500 dead so far in Syria uprising
  621. Supreme Court to weigh juveniles life sentences without parole
  622. Taxpayers Pay Billions for Dysfunctional Criminal Justice but Senator Webb Offers Hope
  623. Argument preview The Court and the DA - again
  624. Under the US Supreme Court Plea bargains, through a glass darkly
  625. Why Michigan has more juvenile life sentences than almost any other state
  626. 2011 Global Study on Homicide
  627. Bought Justice and the Supreme Court
  628. Death penalty defendant who has awaited trial since 2005 takes challenge to top Ga. court
  629. Eyewitnesses and the Constitution
  630. How Much Bad Lawyering Is Allowed?
  631. Convictions vacated in 91 rape slaying of Dixmoor girl
  632. The Death Penalty Questionable Evidence for Deterrence
  633. Lessons on Jail Overcrowding:
  634. Across the border, beyond the law
  635. Latest Dallas exoneration stems from recantation, withheld evidence
  636. Justices Hear Arguments in Faulty Lawyer Cases
  637. The Cost of Death
  638. Supreme Court to take another look at prosecutorial misconduct
  639. Lifelong Death Sentences
  640. Some states rethink felony property crimes
  641. Less Than Meets the Eye
  642. Voting Against Judicial Independence
  643. Judges Are for Sale and Special Interests Are Buying
  644. Forensic Science Panel Recommends Arson Probe
  645. Falling Crime Teeming Prisons
  646. The murder that might never be solved:
  647. Judicial elections, corporate policies give glimpse into 2012
  648. The Central Park Jogger Case A Lesson on Wrongful Convictions
  649. Death Row in Pennsylvania
  650. City rape investigations questioned
  651. We’ve had enough of courthouse cronyism
  652. In life and death cases, costly mistakes
  653. Immunity and Impunity in Elite America
  654. State budget cuts clog criminal justice system
  655. Missing evidence is among military crime lab's new problems
  656. William Hochul puts death penalty to frequent test
  657. Black people blatantly excluded from Alabama juries, lawsuit claims
  658. Man tries to rebuild life after serving time for crime he says he didn’t commit
  659. New Orleans Man Wrongly Incarcerated for 30 Years Exonerated of Rape that New DNA Evidence Proves He Didn't Commit
  660. An investigation gone very wrong
  661. Orleans Man Wrongly Incarcerated for 30 Years Exonerated of Rape that New DNA Evidence Proves He Didn’t Commit
  662. When Should a Child Be Charged as an Adult?
  663. Our Broken System of Criminal Justice
  664. Counting Costs in Criminal Justice
  665. For Profit Prisons: A Barrier to Serious Criminal Justice Reform
  666. Here are 159 minor things DC officers can arrest you for
  667. Crimes. Courts And Cures
  668. The Geography of the Death Penalty
  669. the Morton case
  670. Gallup October 13 2009
  671. Report says Pa failing the poor in courts
  672. Death penalty appeal draws giggles in the court of last resort
  673. It s Time to Stop Bullying Judges
  674. Cost to taxpayers high in death penalty cases
  675. NY Prison Population's Dramatic Drop
  676. That Could Have Been Me An Evening With Five Innocent Men Nearly Executed
  677. The New York Miracle
  678. When Fairness and the Law Collide, One Jurist Is Troubled
  679. Ex Prosecutor Now a Judge Accused of Hiding Exculpatory Evidence
  680. David Wayne Spence Innocent and Executed?
  681. Unreliable eyewitnesses put defendants on death row
  682. An open and shut case vs an innocent man:
  683. A Broken System California and the Failed Death Penalty Experiment
  684. Gallup October 13 2009
  685. The Best Work a Prosecutor Could Do?
  686. In Perry Texas a Well Connected DA with a Knack for Blocking New Evidence
  687. New Libya ’stained’ by detainee abuse
  688. Death row America's torture chamber
  689. Four men hope DNA will overturn 1994 murder convictions
  690. Nation’s Jails Struggle With Mentally Ill Prisoners
  691. The Sacrifice of Unarmed Prisoners to Gladiators:
  692. The Illusory Right to Counsel
  693. UN Finds ‘Systematic’ Torture in Afghanistan
  694. The death penalty in Belarus: families’ painful wait
  695. Blacks Three Times As Likely As Whites to Be Searched in Traffic Stops
  696. Prosecutor: Troy Davis appeals driven by 'doubt campaign' rather than truth
  697. Michael Moore corporate crime claim mostly true
  698. Repeal of death penalty could save millions of dollars, analysis finds
  699. Are handcuffs included in shackling ban for pregnant jail inmates?
  700. Amnesty International Releases Death Sentences and Executions 2010
  701. Justice for Cory Maples
  702. Hostages of child prostitution
  703. Michael Morton's lawyers aim to prove misconduct
  704. Morton free; now State Bar must act
  705. Punishing Pregnancy
  706. Executions by County
  707. Texas to Condemned Man: Execution First, DNA Later
  708. Three men walk free on a historic day for US justice
  709. In Cory Maples Case Scalia Is Only Justice to OK Capital Punishment Despite Mailroom Mix Up
  710. Hot Coffee Spills Out the Case Against Tort Reform
  711. Afghanistan: Don't trade away women's rights
  712. plea bargain by Gross
  713. DA evidence should exonerate 7 men convicted in '90s, top lawyers say
  714. Morton expected to be freed today after 25 years
  715. Unsealed trial file suggests misconduct by Williamson County officials, lawyers claim
  716. Syria: Campaign to silence protesters overseas revealed
  717. A rogue’s gallery of misbehaving prosecutors, plus three worth praising
  718. No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration
  719. Appeals of Civil Trials Concluded in 2005
  720. Can jail time slash crime by homeless?
  721. South Korea’s 5,000th day without an execution an opportunity for abolition
  722. China's debate on the death penalty becomes increasingly open
  723. FBI seeks to update definition of rape
  724. On parole? Probation? Just pick up the phone to check in
  725. Supreme Court confronts case of death row inmate whose lawyers quit his case
  726. An Invitation to Overreach
  727. As Federal Crime List Grows Threshold of Guilt Declines
  728. Federal Rules on Rape Statistics Criticized
  729. Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors
  730. Committee on the Development of the Third Edition of the Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence
  731. Could 1988 cold case in Austin help exonerate man imprisoned nearly 25 years?
  732. International Perspectives on Wrongful Convictions: Workshop Report, September 2010
  733. Timothy Cole Advisory Panel on Wrongful Convictions
  734. Report Of The Advisory Committee On Wrongful Convictions September 2011
  735. The High Cost of a Misdemeanor
  736. The Controversial Willingham Case: What Rick Perry Knew and When
  737. Why Death Penalty Opponents Are Closer to Their Goal Than They Realize
  738. Is Capital Punishment ‘Cruel and Unusual’
  739. My Interview With Retired Justice John Paul Stevens
  740. Gaile Owens granted parole
  741. An Indefensible Punishment
  742. Incendiary: The Willingham Case
  743. Does a sex offender live close to you?
  744. Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors
  745. Only conservatives can end the death penalty
  746. New doubt is cast on eyewitness testimony
  747. 30 years of national crime data and results might surprise you
  748. States look to right wrong convictions
  749. NC innocence inquiries stand out as execution proceeds
  750. The collapse of American justice
  751. Bob Ward Millionaire found guilty of 2nd degree murder
  752. Lithuania:
  753. Split Ninth Circuit affirms huge upward departure based on uncharged murder
  754. Exoneration raises more questions
  755. Just or Not Cost of Death Penalty Is a Killer for State Budgets
  756. What costs more the death penalty or life in prison?
  757. New evidence of Syria brutality emerges as woman's mutilated body is found
  758. Capital Punishment in China
  759. Twisted Truth A Prosecutor Under Fire
  760. Families of Bloody Sunday Victims to be Compensated
  761. Arrest in the United States, 1980-2009
  762. Rein in Forfeiture Power
  763. Alice-in-Wonderland justice
  764. Distinguishing the Innocent Not an Easy Task
  765. Troy Davis And Lawrence Brewer A Tale Of Two Executions
  766. Two Windows into Innocence
  767. Why death penalty supporters should be campaigning for Troy Davis to be reprieved
  768. The city of Jasper still copes with racial tensions 13 years after dragging death
  769. Death and the maiden
  770. Violent crime falls again why some experts are stumped
  771. Collateral Crisis in Somalia
  772. Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in US data show
  773. Minority Overrepresentation in Criminal Justice Systems
  774. A Test of the Simultaneous vs. Sequential Lineup Methods
  775. Fort Worth man sentenced to life in Walmart shoplifting case
  776. Tribal Rights vs Racial Justice
  777. Judge sends Medicare offender to prison for 50 years
  778. Woman I was arrested for sitting outside in chair
  779. Japon : un vieil homme dans le couloir de la mort
  780. Criminal Victimization, 2010
  781. Dangerous Jails
  782. Prisons Often Shackle Pregnant Inmates in Labor
  783. Chained and Pregnant
  784. The battle for Libya: Killings, disappearances and torture
  785. Jim Webb's Last Crusade
  786. Thanks to Willingham inquiry old arson cases getting a new look
  787. Rethinking the death penalty
  788. Executed Taiwan airman Chiang Kuo ching innocent
  789. Prison officials are set to let some female inmates out early
  790. Ohio death penalty derailed
  791. How US firms profited from torture flights
  792. One and done
  793. Crime Lab Confidential
  794. Lawsuit accuses state of Colorado of long delays in providing mental health evaluations
  795. Forgetting Afghanistan women
  796. Boy 12 acquitted of murdering 6-year-old brother
  797. What Rick Perry Wasn't Asked About the Death Penalty
  798. Boulder judge approves first degree murder charge in fatal wreck
  799. Ohio top judge calls for death penalty review
  800. Willingham probe fosters review of other arson cases
  801. Advocates Urge Panel to Continue Willingham Probe
  802. Texas forensics panel may close book on arson case
  803. Don’t Let Georgia Kill Troy Davis
  804. Death Row USA 1,1,11
  805. After 17 years, three strikes law is still hotly debated
  806. Indefinite solitary confinement persists in California prisons
  807. Hank Skinner Seeks DNA Testing Under New Law
  808. The Execution of Cameron Todd Willingham
  809. Mentally ill defendants wait too long for treatment
  810. Inmate Visits Now Carry Added Cost in Arizona
  811. The Secret History of Guns
  812. Nation’s Jails Struggle With Mentally Ill Prisoners
  813. Cost cutting the death penalty
  814. American Bar seeking rules on when judges must step aside from cases
  815. Twisted Truth A Prosecutor Under Fire
  816. Will Rick Perry put an innocent man to death?
  817. Prosecution Without Representation
  818. From jury box to electric chair
  819. Don’t Blame Perry for Texas’s Execution Addiction.
  820. Florida cops water down Innocence Commission lineup recommendations
  821. Injustice, In Plain Sight
  822. The “Missing White Woman Syndrome”
  823. Mother shackled during labor claims crime victim status
  824. Oklahoma Women in prison
  825. Fatal Judgement
  826. The Military and the Death Penalty
  827. Greensburg mom speaks out about 1995 arson murder conviction
  828. Mark Rabil calls for restoring fairness to SBI lab
  829. Woman who gave birth in jail begins trial against county
  830. Street people chafe under Nevada City's new anti loitering law
  831. kids for cash?
  832. Is Rick Perry Ready to Execute an Innocent Man?
  833. Convicted murderer's lawyer never told about witness who says he is innocent
  834. Bad Blood at the Dallas County Crime Lab
  835. Two Decades of Research About Violence Against Women
  836. Police Lineups Start to Face Fact: Eyes Can Lie
  837. Reasonable Doubt and the Strauss Kahn Case
  838. Under the US Supreme Court: Just how fair does justice have to be?
  839. "I Am Guilty, But Innocent": Does This Make Any Sense?
  840. Iran 1980s
  841. The Trials of Darryl Hunt
  842. Military Justice
  843. Overcriminalization
  844. American Prison Culture in an International Context
  845. Bargained Justice
  846. Libya: Pursuing al-Gaddafi – the legal questions answered
  847. West Memphis Three case shows we see what we expect to see
  848. The Death Penalty Today
  849. Salvadoran war crime suspect arrested in Mass.
  850. Accused boy faces juvenile trial
  851. The West Memphis Three and combating cognitive biases
  852. Did prosecutors taint Memphis murder trial?
  853. Convicting the Innocent
  854. 34 Years Later Supreme Court Will Revisit Eyewitness Ids
  855. Texas man gets 220 year state sentence for kiddie porn possession (and uncharged child rapes)
  856. Stacked sentences is it fair?
  857. Mass Graves Hold Thousands, Kashmir Inquiry Finds
  858. Hearings will allow closer look into death penalty cases
  859. Sentencing disparities in child-sex-assault cases point to double standard
  860. A Study in Judicial Dysfunction
  861. The West Memphis Three and the Urgent Need for Criminal Justice Reform
  862. Capital murder case highlights Texas courts' resistance to physical evidence
  863. Kentucky kids age 10 and younger routinely face criminal charges
  864. They can’t drink, they can’t vote, they can’t drive, but they can get life.
  865. Some Texas parolees freed of sex offender label
  866. Trend to Lighten Harsh Sentences Catches On in Conservative States
  867. Philadelphia curefew crackdown: About 50 teens arrested
  868. Imposition of the Death Penalty Varies Wildly Within States
  869. Tarrant County DA decision in Kevan Dunlop murder case raises questions
  870. King County death penalty dilemma: Soaring cost worth it?
  871. Convicted felons allowed to go free until sentencing; now, they're on the lam
  872. False confessions
  873. How many arsonists are innocent?
  874. Adversarial Inquisitions
  875. Remedying Wrongful Execution
  876. Capital punishment remains expensive and inconsistent
  877. Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, 2008
  878. State Prosecutors' Offices with Jurisdiction in Indian Country, 2007
  879. Jails in Indian Country, 2009
  880. With nowhere to go, sex offenders file suit
  881. Saudi beheading fuels backlash in Indonesia
  882. Judge in Pa 'kids for cash' case faces sentencing
  883. The deterrence of the American death penalty ends with the Millennium Bug.
  884. US Supreme Court to hear Alabama man's mail error Death Row case
  885. Kahler trial costs Osage County big bucks
  886. In Murder Case, Science May Get Its Day in Court
  887. State toughens policy of restoring rights to freed felons
  888. Paying for the death penalty
  889. Judge to allow new testimony
  890. A Hazy Connection Between Hot Weather And Crime
  891. The death penalty: A dead end in Florida
  892. Texas Ruling Ends Inquiry in Death Penalty Case
  893. Black and busted in Dane County
  894. Birmingham area cold cases heat up with DNA
  895. Hijacked by the hanging lobby
  896. USA: regional murder rates
  897. Prison sentences in insider trading cases
  898. am-justice-2011-05-14
  899. Taiwan’s Death-Penalty Debate Could Influence AsiaThe ongoing debate in Taiwan about capital punishment could influence China and its other East Asian neighbors, according to a report from human-rights organization Dui Hua Foundation.
  900. Gabe Watson Australian honeymoon murder case could end after hearing
  901. Appeals court revives Blackwater shooting case
  902. Graham Law would replace life without parole for juveniles
  903. Freed from death row, speaker decries capital punishment
  904. Texas ex-offenders are denied job licenses
  905. Justice, too much and too expensive

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