Non-unanimous American Juries

Non-unanimous American Juries

A felony jury is typically an unanimous twelve persons panel1.
But in Oregon and Louisiana the verdict can be 10-22.
In Florida and Connecticut a felony jury is always a six unanimous persons board3-4.

Everywhere a first degree murder trial needs an unanimous twelve persons jury, but in Oregon a 11-1 verdict is still admitted5.

A capital jury is always a twelve jurors unanimous for the verdict, but sentence can be different6.

In Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia the sentence is province of the jury even in non-capital felonies7.

For misdemeanors a twelve unanimous jury is not common because it is usually a six persons jury, or 7 in Virginia, 8 in Utah, Arizona and Ohio, with some notable exception8.

In a civil case the twelve unanimous members juries can be found rarely (Alabama) because they normally vote 9-3 or 10-2 when they are not 9, 8 or 6 members: 7 in Virginia, California, Oregon, Texas and even 4 in Utah.

The size of grand juries is also shrinking. Federal grand juries are composed by 16 23 members but state grand juries can be of 6 persons in Indiana and 7 in Virginia, Oregon, Iowa, when in California the size changes according to the population of the county.



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How should chronic problems in a U.S. criminal justice system that costs $212 billion a year and employs 2.4 million people be identified — and fixed? One place to look is the courts, and that is the challenge for Measures for Justice, an organization started in 2011 by journalist and law professor Amy Bach of Rochester, N.Y., whose 2010 book, Ordinary Injustice: How America Holds Court explored the everyday workings of local U.S. criminal courts. In a chat with Ted Gest, TCR Washington bureau chief, she discusses the reasons for the wide differences in services, quality and efficiency in courts across the nation, and why these should matter to every American.

Out of Order, When Prosecutors Cross the Line

Out of Order

When Prosecutors Cross the Line

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