Grotesque Speed for Florida Capital Cases

Lawyers Say DNA Clears Florida Inmate in Two Killings

Prosecutors Shouldn't Be Hiding Evidence From Defendants

Wrongfully Convicted

Wrongfully Convicted Often Find Their Record, Unexpunged, Haunts Them
NYT 5 May 2013

In Wisconsin, Audrey Edmunds served 11 years in prison in the shaking death of an infant girl for whom she had been baby-sitting. In 2008, a mountain of new medical evidence cast so much doubt on the case that a higher court overturned her conviction and set her free. Leaving prison, Ms. Edmunds hoped that would be the end of it. But a few months later, as she applied for a secretarial job with an office-supply company, her conviction for first-degree reckless homicide popped up in a background check. Sorry, she was told. She tried to get work with an airline, but heard a similar rejection.

Judge finds that Anderson hid evidence in Morton murder trial

American-Statesman 19 April 2013

Former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson was arrested and booked into jail and then released on bail Friday after a specially convened court found that he intentionally hid evidence to secure Michael Morton’s 1987 conviction for murder. In a blunt and scathing ruling, District Judge Louis Sturns said Anderson acted to defraud the trial court and Morton’s defense lawyers, resulting in an innocent man serving almost 25 years in prison.

Will a Texas Teenager's False Confession Keep Him in Prison for Life?

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