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Bail: Reforming Policies to Address Overcrowded Jails, the Impact of Race on Detention, and Community Revival in Harris County, Texas

Johnson, Marcia and Johnson, Luckett Anthony, Bail: Reforming Policies
to Address Overcrowded Jails, the Impact of Race on Detention, and Community Revival in Harris County, Texas (January 17, 2012). Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy, Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter 2012. Available at SSRN:

California cruelest prisons

Solitary confinement is wrong, whether it's in here or in Iran.

By Shane Bauer
LA Times October 18, 2012

The edge of endurance

Prison conditions in California's Security Housing Units

AMR 51/060/2012

Isolation Units in California’s Prisons – Facts and Figures

AMR 51/079/2012

Drug rehab called key to avoid 3rd strike

SF Gate  September 29, 2012

Convicts imprisoned under California's
"three strikes" law are no more predisposed to "high-risk
criminal thinking" than other inmates, but are far more likely to be
addicted to drugs and alcohol, according to data from the state prisons

The state-compiled psychological, substance
abuse and education
profiles of thousands of inmates - obtained and analyzed by The Chronicle and California
- reveal that the vast majority of three-strikes inmates, including
those whose final felony was a nonviolent crime, had substance-abuse problems
when they entered prison. Some independent experts who examined the data said
California could reduce the number of people serving long stretches in state
prisons by providing more drug-treatment programs to criminals before they
chalk up their third strike.

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